Tea Spaces

If you are in the mood for a truly rare, exotic pleasure, then make sure to experience our

*   Ceremonial teacafe in Claremont (inside tranquil O’ways Teacafe), heart of Nigiro Tea Merchants, where blending of some of the most exclusive teas take place. Tea Tasting, tea pairing with foods as well as retail tea leaves and tea equipments.

There are the heaven for sheer tea-lovers, with over 350 fine loose leaf teas & blends, including white, green, oolong, black and red teas, show flower teas, and also rooibos, herbal & fruit infusions. You can also browse through our beautiful selection of tea ware and all the accessories you can imagine.

For further insight into the amazing world of tea, we recommend a special tea appreciation tasting or a guided Taiwanese High Mountain tea ceremony – a centuries-old ritual that brings out the best in the leaves, the moment, and your state of mind.
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