Tea Ceremony

Oolong is one of the world’s great styles of tea, demonstrating the complexity of black and the subtlety of green teas. Taiwanese High Mountain teas are the finest oolongs, and the traditional Chinese method of preparing and drinking them is a high art in Taiwan, where it is known as cha-yi (“tea art”) or Lao-ren-cha (“old peoples’ tea”). This name reflects the two elements required to properly appreciate high mountain oolong: taste and time.

This art of tea focuses entirely on savouring the flavour and fragrance of the tea, enjoying the touch, beauty and perfection of the tea tools, and on the spontaneous exchange of thoughts and feelings which drinking this tea always inspires among fellow tea lovers.

Our High Mountain Tea ceremonies are enjoyed together around our specially sculpted stone table, carved from a slice or a river boulder. This is a wonderful experience for couples, for groups of friends, or even for birthdays and company gatherings.

High Mountain Tea Ceremony Option

45 – 60 minutes
Serving Ali high Mountain Oolong in the traditional way…