Tea Making

Leaves – Pot – Water and Time

The quality of tea is in its making.


Choose the tea that suits your mood, and measure or weigh out the correct amount of tea for the size of your pot.


Pots come in many materials and sizes, from cast iron to glass, porcelain to raw terracotta. We can advise on which pots ideally suit each tea you wish to drink.


You need to start with fresh and sweet water which is neither too soft nor too hard. Fresh spring water, artesian water, or properly filtered tap water are all suitable for tea making. The key is to use water at the right temperature for the tea you are preparing.


Steep your tea for the correct amount of time. Remove the leaves from contact with the water to prevent oversteeping. Take the time to enjoy your tea.

Tea starts simply. But there is a lifetime of exploration within the simple world of tea and tea making.